Here are some books that I highly recommend, both baby and aerial related. Unlike many information sources out there, these are honest, funny and based on real life experiences.

Unmumsy Mum 3

The Unmumsy Mum by Sarah Turner. Her first book got me through my ‘baby blues’ – it provides an honesty and a personal touch that is lacking elsewhere. It showed me that sometimes it’s OK not to be OK. I can also recommend her follow-up book “The Unmumsy mum Diaries”. Sarah also has a blog, a Facebook page and an Instagram account – check her out!

Man vs baby

Man Vs Baby – by Matt Coyne. This is from the dad’s perspective, which is refreshing and very funny. Man Vs Baby is actually Matt’s Facebook page, which is how I originally found him, but he does have a blog too and his book ‘dummy’ is hilarious and so true! Definitely worth a purchase. Come on Matt – bring out a second book!

hurrah for gin

Hurrah For Gin – by Katie Kirby. I was recommended this when I finished reading The Unmumsy Mum and there was a void in my life (by this I mean I was bored during 3am breastfeeds and TV was a choice between Channel 5 porn and Jeremy Kyle. I’m not sure which was worse). Anyway, Matt Coyne’s book was on pre-order and I needed something to get me through in the meantime. Along the same lines as The Unmumsy Mum, ‘Hurrah For Gin’ offers humorous accounts of the everyday reality of having children, illustrated with stick-figure masterpieces. Katie also has a Facebook page and a blog. She also has a second book out, written from her toddler’s perspective, which I have just purchased¬† – I shall no doubt keep you updated in my blog posts on the hilarities (<–not a word btw, or so autocorrect tells me) that it holds.


Flying Through Pregnancy – by Kate Edwards.¬†This is your chance to share Kate’s substantial knowledge of both pole and aerial skills combined with her experience of pregnancy. This book is a must have for all aerial instructors and aerial artists who are going through pregnancy or merely thinking about how pregnancy might affect them. I found pages 177-178 particularly interesting (nothing to do with the fact that they feature me, obviously).



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