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Hi, I’m Kat & this is my blog! I have previously been asked to write a blog, on several occasions, about balancing being a mum, a business owner and a competitive poler, but have always dismissed the idea as ridiculous (seriously, who’d want to read about me?!). It was only recently that I thought, actually, if anything I say can help inspire just one person, then it’s probably worth an hour of my time each week. As you may have already guessed, I am totally new to this blog malarkey, so sorry if it’s a bit naff. (I like the word naff….it’s very 80s, but I’m not a very sweary person and it it’s a nice way of saying rubbish. I’ve found that if you are imaginative enough you can replace any swearword with a random word and people will know what you mean, as long as it’s in context…..for example “I went to the pub and got utterly carparked”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against swearing in a comical context, and some people can pull it off fabulously – The Unmumsy Mum, Matt Coyne (Man Vs Baby), Russel Howard. Unfortunately I am not one of those people. I’ve been told my accent is way too posh to pull off an ‘F’ or Jeff – it’d just come across as trying too hard. I am, however, rather sarcastic at times and can’t resist a good old innuendo (seriously, if Joshua’s first words are “that’s what she said!” I’m going to have a lot to answer for). I apologise in advance if anything I say in this blog offends anyone – I’m really the least offensive person ever….I’m way too British! I’m one of those people who will walk in to a door handle and apologise to the door.) Oh, and I go off on tangents a lot. Sorry (not sorry).

So, where to start. Well, by profession I’m a Dr of Psychology, but have worked in the Aerial (circus) industry for the last decade (which basically means I get to hang upside down a lot from very high up. I love my job). I’ve been competing nationally since 2012 and continued to compete throughout my pregnancy. When this got picked up by the national press, people (the general public) had mixed views about it, but I’ve been poling a very long time and know how to adapt to make it safe for me and baby. I’ve learnt over the years not to read the comments of online articles, as you’re just asking for a punch to the self-esteem. I’m not sure what is worse, online trolls or the words of the Daily Mail Online readers. People can be cruel. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll touch on the whole poling pregnant (oh, and whilst in labour – did I mention that bit?) again at some later time in this blog.

Pregnant photoshootAs well as being a full-time mummy and a competitive Poler, I own a Nottingham-based Aerial company – PoleKat Fitness, where we specialise in Pole fitness and Aerial Hoop. I also train in Aerial Silks & Ropes with the Tuyo Circus and I teach Zumba for the local gyms. If you are interested in trying your hand at Pole or Hoop, or just want to find out more about it, visit my website: www.PoleKatFitness.com – we’d love to see you!

Josh silks 2

I love 90s Dance music, funky hair, odd socks and above all, chocolate. I have a lovely husband, Dave, and a beautiful baby boy, Joshua, and this blog will be mostly about the ups, downs, ins, outs, funnies and epic fails of being a new mum. I really don’t mind if not a single soul reads this blog, but at the same time, for those people who do, I hope that it might provide light entertaining reading and be relatable to some other new mums out there. Because sometimes, being a mum is more difficult than the perfect pictures on social media (yep, guilty) make it out to be. If you’re looking for an advice page, then this blog is not for you, sorry. Pretty much everything will be based on my own experiences and if I’ve learnt one thing in my first year of being a mum, it’s that everyone’s experiences are different, and there are no rights or wrongs. But sometimes it’s nice to know that someone is going through a similar situation, and that it’s OK not to be OK all of the time.

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