ADHD & Abuse

Why are Neurodivergent people more susceptible to abuse?

ADHD & Social Difficulty

An ADHD Awareness Month special Creating and maintaining friendships involve both making commitments and following through, neither of which are big strengths of Neurodivergent individuals. By adulthood, people who have lived with ADHD for years, even decades (diagnosed or otherwise), can feel rejected and lonely because even friendships that do form often fall apart. Because…

Adult ADHD

It turns out I’m not a failure, I’m Neurodivergent.

Are Dugs Always Bad?

This blog post is slightly different to my usual ramblings about poopy nappies and Paw Patrol, in that as much as we love our small humans (and love to hate them), sometimes we – parents and non-parents alike – struggle, and require help. More specifically, this is an article about drugs and the biological, physical,…

Living With The Enemy

Fight or Flight in Anxiety & Depression – A Mental Health Awareness Week special

Dear Mum…

An open letter to all the overwhelmed mummies out there, past, present & future.